Keep Your Gold Shiny: Best Gold Jewelry Cleaning Tips

cleaning gold1

Gold is a soft metal; it needs to be cleaned with care. Gold in jewelry is mixed with stronger metals, such as copper and zinc, before it’s made into jewelry. The higher the carat, the higher the gold content, and the more care you have to take in cleaning it.

Keeping your gold jewelry clean is relatively simple, and can easily and efficiently be done at home. While gold jewelry will not tarnish like other metals, it can still accumulate dirt and grime, become dull and lose its shine. To keep your gold jewelry looking good as new, follow these simple tips to bring back its luster and shine.

Believe it or not, you can clean gold with soap and water, but it works best on gold pieces that are plain and free of other gemstones .To clean your gold with soap and water, fill a small bowl with warm not hot water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Place your jewelry in the soap and water mixture, and allow the pieces to soak for about 20 minutes. After soaking, use a clean, dry cotton cloth to dry your jewelry, and allow them to sit on a towel to air dry completely before wearing them again.

Polishing with a soft cloth is generally all the cleaning that gold jewelry needs or can handle. The soft cloth you use for cleaning your glasses makes a good gold polisher. Use necklace wraps in your jewelry box to keep chains apart from each other and stones.

You can also use an old, soft toothbrush to get into the gaps of gold charms and initials. On chain link watches, bend up each link and use a blunt edged toothpick to get at dirt that collects in the pivots.

Cleaning gold jewelry at home is quite simple and inexpensive, and can help preserve the beauty and luster of your most treasured pieces.