Japan made ​​the Christmas tree from gold


Holiday tree shines brightly for Birth in Tokyo in a special luster amid gloomy picture of the global economy, it is made ​​of pure gold, worth two million dollars.

Subscribe and jewelry shop in the Ginza area of ​​the capital’s high-end Japanese flower arrangement with the artist Shogo Caraazaky in the making of the Golden Tree HolidayBirth.

And used 12 kg of gold in the making of the tree, which has a height of 2.4 meters and decorated with ribbons and hearts and flowers Orchid of gold as well.

Said Naoto Mizuki, Marketing Manager store the user the value of gold of about 700 thousand dollars but the total value of the tree is much larger because of the cost of labor.

He added, “If we take into account the time taken in the manufacture, design and hard work which made ​​them, we can appreciate the cost of this tree about 150 million yen (two million dollars), attracts tree twinkling eyes of passers-by, which is not intended for saleand will remain displayed in the store until the day of rejoicing of birth.