Italians income descended to levels of 27 years ago

Italians income descended to levels of 27 years ago

Incline Italians frequently entered and will be in the course of this year levels 27 years ago, and analysis indicated that the income fell to below 17 thousand euros, or 16.955 euros from 17.337 last year. The year was the start of the crisis, in 2007, scored 19.515 euros. The record companies saw and Italian interests over the past year to close a company or an interest and one per minute, while the birth record has seen new companies decreased compared to the year 2011.

In-depth analysis

The analysis done by the “system companies and Italian interests,” a dramatic picture of the economic conditions in Italy and recorded the effects of the economic crisis on the map production and income movement in Italian society in recent years.

The analysis indicated that the effects of the economic crisis on the event industry Italian was disastrous has “seen the past nine months alone close 216 thousand companies and operators Snaúaaa and service establishments in the market, and saw the registration records for new companies below 150 thousand registration, namely 147 recording. The analysis identified a difference shortage about 100 thousand companies and interest.

Spending levels

The analysis suggests that the levels of spending in the current year will fall by 1.4 per cent and will fall to the levels of 15 years ago. The decline in spending in the last year by 4.4 per cent compared to the year 2011, ie, 15.920 euros from 16.654 per person.

According to the analysis, spending per person per year is supposed to score 15.695 euros.

Gold in Italy

gold in Italy watched a decline in the buying rate due to financial crisis now in italy in which gold price in Italy watched a flctate in the buying ratio higher than the global market.