Italian crisis caused a high gold price

Gold prise is pushed up by the Comex market

The price of gold today with the continuing uncertainty in the ability of Italy to meet the debt crisis worsening terms of payment of political uncertainty and a sharp rise in bond yieldsItalian investors to be cautious.

And Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who many see as an obstacle to the markets ineconomic change, to resign after the parliament approved the reforms of the budget, butstepped down from the leadership of the third-largest economy in the euro zone has raised questions about his successor, and the possibility of political instability.

And will affect Italy’s failure to solve its debt problems are much larger compared to a crisis on the region of Greece.

The price of gold increased 0.4% to 1791.15 USD/Troy an ounce, and Italian bond yieldsrose decimal exceeding 7%, a level has forced countries including Portugal and Ireland torequest financial assistance.

The euro fell to near the lowest level in a month against the dollar on Wednesday, with the increase of sales due to the worsening debt crisis of the euro area.

The futures fell 0.3% went to the U.S. of $ 1793.70 USD/Troy an ounce.

Silver fell 0.9% to 34.64 dollars an ounce. Platinum was down 1% to 1642.49USD/Troy an ounce, while palladium fell 1.2% to 659.97 dollars an ounce.

  • funky

    when they resign this man can gold go back to it normal price