Islamic Gold Coins


Islamic gold coins are very popular, for centuries old but, not in the west. These gold coins create a spiritual glimmer among numismatics.

In the past, Man traded by barter before money was ultimately invented.

There is slight agreement among scientists concerning the beginnings of money, the ‘where, ‘when’, why and how money came into the presence, and the way it settled over the centuries.

Earlier before Islam, the two great empires, Rome and Persia, struck their coins in gold, copper and silver.

Certainly, for some time, the Muslims used the coins of these two empires, along with their own Dirhams, Fils and Dinars.

In the end first Century after the Higeria, the Muslims minted their first own coins.

The striking of Islamic coins continued in succeeding centuries in several countries and under various Islamic reigns.

The Islamic Dinar is the exact weight of 22k gold corresponding to 4.25 grams and the Islamic Dirham is a specific weight of pure silver comparable to 3.0 grams.

Spectators concerned in the study of Islamic coinage have figured out that these coins shed light upon Islamic history and added information that one cannot find in documents and historical literature.

Certainly, those coins were used to establish facts and developments and resolve a number of common historical delusions.

If you ever come across any sincere Islamic gold coins serving as the gold Dinar, purchase them, they are worth more than their weight in gold.