Iran The 12th Largest Gold Reserves in Asia


There are at this time 15 gold mines in Iran and by beginning withdrawal of two other mines this year the capacity of the country’s gold reserves level will raise further.

Iran positions 42nd in the world and 12th in Asia in terms of gold reserves, said Borna.

The past year, Borna stated a discovery of three new gold mines in Saqqez city in Kurdistan province (Western Iran).

Deputy Head of Iran’s Geology Organization for Exploration Affairs Behrouz Borna

The country’s gold reserves have touched an unpredicted high level which is enough for Iran’s domestic needs for the next 15 years, said Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Mahmoud Bahmani.

Iran doesn’t use its gold reserves as a trading tool in exchange for foreign goods, regardless of permissions that bar Tehran from using USD and Euros in financial trades.

Tehran is now in four rounds of UN Security Council authorizations and the unilateral western embargos for whirling down West’s requests to give up its right of uranium enhancement.