International exhibition of gold starts today on the Fair Grounds

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Starts on Monday, the activities of the World’s Fair of gold and jewelry at its tenth session, organized by Kuwait International Fair Company will be held in Hall (8) on the International Fair Grounds Supervisor under the patronage of the Governor of Ahmadi Sheikh Ibrahim Duaij Al-Sabah and the participation of about 75 of the leading gold and jewelry of local, Arab and international levels.
The Director of Marketing and Sales at Kuwait International Fair Company faces Aldhim complete all the necessary preparations for the establishment of a successful by all standards, represent a natural extension of the successes achieved by a series of exhibitions «gold jewelry», set up by the company over the past nine years.
The Aldhim that the exhibition «International Gold & Jewelry» X, attracted to participate in about 75 companies and institutions specialized trade, including 30 local companies, representing the largest and oldest companies operating in this area at the local level, and 45 foreign companies led by the reputation of the exhibition and its position towards the accession to and active participation where, as foreign companies to participate came from Thailand, Lebanon, Italy and the United Arab Emirates, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.
Aldhim said that for the first time participate in the exhibition companies came from Turkey with the promise of the development of the size of their participation in future sessions, as Turkish companies are keen to participate on the review group that sets luxury from the likes of which has not been raised before in the Kuwaiti market.
She explained that the exhibition «International Gold & Jewelry» attracted the sponsorship of both Ali Alghanim & Sons (Rolls Royce) of the group (BMW) and good company and a jewelry (jewelry for Amarkiyz) and Burgan Bank and the Group (Top) Real Estate.
The Director of Marketing and Sales that on an area of ​​7000 square meters will review the participating companies to the largest selection of sets of gold studded with jewels and diamonds free include an impressive range of watches studded and networks weddings, bracelets, rings magnificent where competing companies involved to review the best and latest of its products rise to the level at which shave the Gold & Jewelry Exhibition World International Fair Ground, as it represents the largest witnessed in Kuwait for this sector and preceded by a media campaign and advertising throughout the course of preparing for the residence and through its built in harness Kuwait International Fair Company all its accumulated experience and potential to provide the best atmosphere of the appropriate display of the exhibits precious packed the exhibition .
In preparation, she said Aldhim that under the agreement that was signed with the General Administration of Customs have been an end to all measures necessary to enter the exhibits to Kuwait with ease, while the set up the General Administration of Customs free zone temporarily to finish the customs procedures of the pieces to be sold during the exhibition.
Revealed Aldhim a new strategy is working on the application of Kuwait International Fair Company regarding future sessions of the exhibition «International Gold & Jewelry» represented by the expansion of participation and open to new sectors for the first time, such as firms, magazines, media specialist in the field of jewelry as well as those specialized in the preparation of designs and models and corporate artdevices on the marking of gold jewelry and stamped and examined.

Burgan Bank sponsors

The Burgan Bank announced its sponsorship of the exhibition, said the president of marketing at Bank of nostalgia-Rumaihi said in a statement on this occasion that this participation fifth Burgan Bank, respectively, in the course of gold and jewelry world, believing in the importance of the event in economic terms and its ability to attract a wide range of community members .
She added that the exhibition has a good reputation in terms of turnout, as revealed previous sessions of the exhibition on its ability to attract large numbers of participants from inside and outside Kuwait, and accept his activities on the thousands of visitors from citizens and residents throughout the period of his stay.
The nostalgia-Rumaihi that the participation of Burgan Bank in this event is an opportunity in front of the bank to offer its visitors all the support services, for the success of the exhibition and to facilitate the purchasing process for visitors through the provision of services Ironing Forum and contribute to cooperation with the General Administration of Customs in the process of customs collection.

«Top Real Estate»

It also announced a set «Top Real Estate» sponsorship of the exhibition «International Gold & Jewelry» X, which is organized by Kuwait International Fair Ground Exhibition Hall 8 Supervisor during the period April 23 to 28 this month.
The Group Managing Director Walid Qaddumi that the group and through their participation and the exhibition will offer the public about a range of real estate projects, which operates on the currently marketed and view the services provided by the group.
And between Qaddumi that the group has signed an exclusive agreement with a group «Barrett Homes» British marketing real estate projects in Kuwait and Qatar, especially the project «Jayousi» in Milton Keynes. He added that Kaddoumi «Barrett Homes» is one of the leading real estate developer in Britain was founded in 1958, and since that time has built hundreds of thousands of housing units in various regions of Britain.
And between Qaddumi that «Jayousi» of distinctive residential projects and close to the city center and the units that had been put up and attracted dozens of investors is an apartment rental system for 122 years and units of houses, villas freehold. He pointed out that Kaddoumi apartment prices start from £ 165 thousand, while houses and villas starting from 260 thousand and up to 450 thousand pounds.
And units, confirmed that a number of them Kaddoumi ready for immediate delivery and the other under construction will be completed by the end of the implementation of the year or in a maximum during the first quarter of 2013.
And Milton Keynes, said Qaddumi «is one of the areas promising real estate in Britain, a relatively modern city since 1960 and is located close to 50 miles north of London, with which it has a network good transport which is a target for a large number of new projects to ensure that rents high and sustainable.

New companies post
«Key and AT Nations Conference on Trade»

Joined new companies to the participants in this exhibition, which declared all of the company «Key and AT» United General Trading Co., and the company «R and M» Jewelry and Jewelry Company for Sale, and the noble company of Jewelry (Surrey Branch).
The director of the company to AT and United General Trading, Dr. Mohammed Al-Asali The importance of this exhibition comes from bringing together a selection of gold and jewelry companies, local, Arab and international, as well as it provides an opportunity for these companies to showcase their products from precious metals.
He added that the exhibition is important as it introduces visitors to all that is new in the world of manufacturing jewelry and keep pace with the development of new models in the world of jewelry, it also represents an opportunity for consumers who are looking for progress in the valuables, especially gold and diamonds
And assessment of the gold and jewelery market in Kuwait, Dr. Asali said that the jewelery market in Kuwait is suffering from a lack of jewelry shows as is the case in the countries of Persian Gulf, in addition to the shortage of specialist marketers of this type of product.
Said Dr. Mohammed Al-Asali said the company he represents prepared well for this show, noting that the company will showcase a diamond-studded watches from the 2012 models a new and diverse products, and revealed the company will make special offers for visitors to the exhibition of gifts and discounts.
And describe the level of visitors to exhibitions of gold and jewelry that are held annually in Kuwait as excellent, noting the need to attract more companies from the global gold jewelry to give greater impetus to the exhibition and take a global dimension larger, reflected positively on the reputation of Kuwait.
He praised Dr. Mohammed Al-Asali the performance of regulatory bodies concerned with jewels such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Customs, noting the significant role played by these entities to facilitate the procedures for input and output products participating in the exhibition of gold and jewelry world, in addition to facilitating many of the actions during the event.

«Sale» Jewellery

For his part, said General Manager Sale of Jewelry Ahmed strange that the exhibition of gold and jewelry world is very important for the reputation of the State of Kuwait, internally and externally, noting that this exhibition introduces visitors to the latest models and all that is new and the processions of the age of diamonds, gold and silver.
He said strange that his company is participating for the tenth time in this exhibition that is, they participated in all sessions of the show earlier because of its importance, in the interest of the company’s presence in this world gathering, where the exhibition is a propaganda mission to Kuwait in the organization of exhibitions with global character.
And Ahmed said his company will be strange that through their participation in the exhibition of a variety of jewelery and goldsmiths, and the definition of Track visitors to the exhibition company of those works.
He described the strange competition in the market for gold jewelry in Kuwait as a correct and healthy and serve all parties to the merchant and the customer, offering several options to the customer, what he can choose what suits him, both in terms of quality or price.
He praised the stranger to the facilities provided by the regulatory authorities for the success of the exhibition of gold jewelry world, alluding to the facilities provided by the Customs and the Ministry of Trade and Industry for participants from outside the State of Kuwait to introduce their products from gold and jewelry, which is said that it reflected positively on the reputation of Kuwait abroad.

«R and M» Jewellery

For his part, General Manager of R and M Jewellery Mohit Mercndani importance of the international exhibition of gold jewelry, but he talked about the decline in sales of gold and diamonds in the market for the metal silver.
Mohit said that the exhibition has a good reputation allows convergence with the global jewelery companies participating in the exhibition, and attracts a large segment of foreign and local posts, Maidf a large proportion of consumers to visit to get to know all that is new in the world of jewelry.
He pointed to the price of gold and jewelry were not as it once was, and led to a decline in high demand, in favor of silver metal, which is concentrated upon demand now more than ever before.
Mohit estimated percentage of decrease in sales of gold and diamonds in the local market between 15 to 30 percent.
He described the foreign posts in this exhibition as well as offering products not available in the local market.

«Is valid for Jewelry»

General Manager of Noble Jewellery (Branch Surrey) Mohammed Al-Husseini said joining the company to the constellation local and international companies participating in the exhibition of gold and jewelry world, adding that the company has to participate in this exhibition because of its importance, noting that the exhibition gives publicity to the participants through the definition of visitors to the exhibits offered by the exhibition, noting that the company is prepared for this participation will be presented with a variety of sets and diamond rings, silver artifacts Atawainz and varied and are all modern and up to date.
He confirmed that the posts of Foreign Affairs According to Kuwait, the fact that such participation indication that Kuwait is attractive for the global jewelery companies, but he pointed out some deficiencies in the external publicity of the exhibition.

Foundation Mahmeed Jewellery

For his part, Director General of Mahmeed Jewellery Abdullatif Mahmeed Fair International Gold & Jewelry exhibitions of excellence in Kuwait and the turnout, pointing at the level of the region, asserting that what earns this exhibition important is the significant participation by local and international companies, as well as the large number of visitors who come to the fair every year.
He praised Mahmeed level of organization and broad participation by the official government, led by General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other agencies that contribute to the success of the show and he left the picture that appears in each year, until he became the show one of the most important exhibitions in the region

Jewelry Acacia

The Director General Jewelry Acacia Faisal Ali has said part of his company’s eagerness to participate in this exhibition, describing the exhibition as one of the best fairs organized in Kuwait, which attract a large segment of citizens and residents seeking new and unique in the world of gold and jewelry.
He pointed to that of gold luster special continues over time, indicating that the appetite for gold has not stopped despite the continuing rise in world prices, because people used to buy gold and sell it when you need the same current price levels, and expected at the same time to receive the current session of the exhibition is catching on.
He praised the large and distinctive facilities provided by the Kuwait International Fair Company of the exhibition gold, stressing that such facilities are not available even in the largest global gold shows, which I think is an encouragement for companies and participants alike.

«Jewelry Hassan»

The company participates in the exhibition of good jewelry as usual every year, said General Manager Bahram Fathi said the company has prepared a set of sets of gold, diamonds and precious stones to display for the first time in the exhibition in Musharraf.
He added that the popularity of this exhibition is increasing year after year because of the diversity of posts of local and global, and provide the best and the latest models that attract a large segment of followers of fashion, pointing out that the high turnout at shows gold to be held in Kuwait caused by the new and varied from goldsmiths in addition to the diamond researchers, who has his fans for excellence at all times.

«Paris Gallery» Jewellery

Joined to participate in the exhibition also all Paris Gallery of Jewelry and Jewelry Co. Marquez and do not corner the Royal Kingdom of silver jewelry silver jewelery.
The general director of a leading Paris Gallery Jewelry Faisal Saud pin, said his company participated in all sessions of the previous exhibition, which is involved in the new session of the exhibition because of its great importance, noting that his firm also represents about 15 Jewelry Co. Arab and international participation in the exhibition.
As it allows participants to the last of their designs and products of gold, diamonds, adding that the goal of participation is to offer a variety of models of the modern gold and diamond studded jewelry and precious stones, with a variety of networks and Dubl, and Atawainzac.
Pin stressed the need for the state to support such activities of a universal character by providing the necessary facilities for participants from outside the State of Kuwait, and the review of the high fees paid by the participant outside of the customs, ranging from 10 to 15 percent.
He pointed out that the pin Emir of Qatar, visited the exhibition of jewelry, which was held in Qatar and bought jewelry worth two million dollars from all the participants to encourage this kind of opposition.

«Jewelry for Amarkiyz»

Youssef Ibrahim, owner of Scientific Jewelry Amarkiyz said that his company participated in previous sessions of the exhibition and this participation of the tenth her, saying his company was keen to participate in such international exhibitions to promote its presence and its presence among the participants representing international brands.
He added that his company will showcase a new range of jewelry of gold and diamond bracelets and crews of the Tweinzac and double rings, crews and networks meet the needs of researchers for progress and for all that is new and modern in the world of jewelry.
He said the scientific fact that competition in the jewelery market are generally good as each company strives to offer and provide the best of its works of gold and diamonds, indicating that the importance of the exhibition comes from bringing together an elite jewelery local, Arab and international in one place and under one roof, providing Visitors to the exhibition a valuable opportunity to get closely acquainted on the latest models of jewelry.

Kingdom of silver for jewelry silver

They also take part in the exhibition company of the Kingdom of silver jewelry and silver, said General Manager Hussein Mohammed al-Masri that the fair is a good opportunity to display the latest models from the company’s products, it also represents an opportunity to identify and contact with the participants from both inside or outside Kuwait.
He noted that his company which he said was a pioneer in the field of silver jewelery in the domestic market, will showcase a selection of silver jewelry was the first time in Kuwait, hoping to gain admiration of visitors and lovers of silver.
He said the Egyptian important exhibition because it attracts a large segment of the corporate global jewelery as well as leading jewelery companies in Kuwait, noting that his company participated on behalf of Kuwait more than Jewelry Fair an external, notably Fair Basel in Switzerland and Exhibition Istanbul Exhibition and Hong Kong, noting that such participation won the admiration and appreciationstakeholders in those countries.

Jewelry corner of the Royal

Corner of the Royal Company Jewelry For its part, confirmed their participation in the exhibition, The Director of the company Iyad piercing the exhibition as the most important and most successful exhibitions held in the Persian Gulf, as he considered being a source of pride for Kuwait attracts a large segment of the corporate world gold and diamonds.
He added that his company is prepared for the show and it will surprise the public with a range of jewelery of gold and diamonds, which will showcase a range of networks and Double Almaaris, noting that his company deals with a number of global jewelery, pointing out that the company will offer visitors special discounts during the show.
He criticized the piercing exhibition a second parallel to this exhibition, he said, «I was hoping if the jewelers in Kuwait joined the gallery jewelry world hosted by Kuwait International Fair Company to take the momentum larger shall have the global biggest rival exhibitions like that are held in the region»

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