Indonesia suffers from low foreign reserves

Euro rise up to the highest level in 11 months

An official senior in the Indonesian Central Bank’s, foreign exchange reserves in the country dropped by more than two billion dollars;, reaching $ 122 billion after it was 124 billion and $ 600 million.

He attributed this to the withdrawal of investors in the short term after the withdrawal ofbenefits and leave; concerns over the deteriorating global economic conditions andimpacts negatively on Indonesia.

The index fell in the Jakarta Stock Exchange, down to 3750 last week, although hereturned to the height at the close on Friday, the end of the week to 3835.

The official expressed optimism up the national currency, the rupiah, against foreign currencies; where the decline was just negative feelings as a result of the global financial turmoil and it is possible to strengthen the position of the rupiah, due to certain policies, including interventions such as direct purchase of securities through open market.

The officials added that despite leaving the investors in the short term after profit-taking, but it remains the strategic investors in their investments for possible future investmentin Indonesia.