Indian Gold Jewelers on Profitable Offers to Raise Diwali Sales


Gold prices in India are still regarding 18 percent under 2013’s peak. Even within the run up to Diwali, the Indian physical gold demand continues to stay softer. To lure customers, several jewelers have return up with innovative discount schemes and attractive offers to lure customers.

The urban center branch of a notable distributor in India has proclaimed a three-day special provide to all or any its customers. Through this provide, customers receive free gold coins for diamond jewelry purchases and around a 20 percent discount on gold jewelry creating charges. Most bullion outlets within the town offer discounts starting from 15 to 25 percent on creating charges for the duration of the month Gregorian calendar month.

Due to government restrictions on gold imports, gold provides have dried up. The govt. had earlier prohibited imports of gold bars and coins into the country. There’s fully no offer to fulfill the bar and coin demand throughout the merry season. The dearth of handiness of gold in domestic market has resulted in a very visible shift to diamond jewelry within the recent weeks.

Jewelers are seen reckoning on recycled gold to fulfill the merry and wedding season demand. In a shot to spice up recycled gold sales, several retailers have proclaimed “zero loss” schemes on exchange of previous jewelry. Some even provide additional money for yellow.

The merry demand for gold and diamond jewelry is anticipated to stay stable throughout the merry season. Tight supplies might push the gold costs higher.