India, Four Arrested with Gold Worth More Than Rs 1.50 cr at Airport

gold bars

Four have been arrested for supposedly trying to smuggle into the homeland gold bars valuing over Rs 1.50 crore at the aerodrome here, culture agents said.

The accused were intercepted by culture agents upon their appearance on January 23 from distinct international and household air travel- one from Bangkok and three from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Amritsar respectively.

One of the accused had concealed 600 gms of gold in his mobile while another traveler wad concealed it in his innerwear. Rest was concealing gold in their luggage being carried out by them, the agents said.

The suspect were bearing ten gold bars collectively weighing about 6.2 kgs worth Rs 1.57 crore, they said.

All suspects have been arrested and the gold bars have been grabbed.

A man was apprehended on January 19 for supposedly trying to smuggle in the country gold treasured at about Rs 32 lakh at the Indira Gandhi International aerodrome (IGIA) here.

On January 13, three persons were apprehended for supposedly trying to smuggle gold treasured at about Rs 75 lakh at the aerodrome.

The trio, who hail from Kerala, were intercepted by culture officials upon their appearance from Dubai.

They had hid three kilograms of gold inside the aluminium narrow pieces of their checked-in sacks.

On January 7, three individuals, encompassing a man and his daughter, were arrested at the aerodrome with gold bars treasured at over Rs two crore.

The customs officials had retrieved 9 gold bars of one kg each and collectively valued at Rs 2.2 crore from these three travelers, culture officials had said.

Another man was apprehended from the airport on January 4 for supposedly endeavoring to smuggle 1.2 kg of gold bars worth about Rs 28.77 lakh.

The suspect, a native of Ghaziabad, was intercepted by customs agents after his arrival from Bangkok.