Hunting for Gold in Paraguay

People watch an excavation in search of gold bullion believed to have been buried during the 1864-1870 War of the Triple Alliance, in Aldana Canada

In the village of Capiata, 20 km from Asunción in Paraguay, a team of 20 men is making an audacious try to win a Darwin accolade by cutting into for gold in rather reckless kind. As said by the Sky News report, 12 tons of gold was buried by a 19th Century infantry champion and ex-president by the title of Francisco Solano Lopez, who passed away in 1870. The brave excavators have created an impressively deep pit utilizing heavy machinery (Francisco Solano Lopez apparently took no dangers in periods of ensuring the gold was amply hidden).

Regrettably, the images of the location suggest that a dangerous landslide is far more expected than finding the gold. The group is some meters down in an unsterilized pit in wet components.

The early days of the construction industry is littered with demonstrations in which such pits collapse, as this demonstration illustrates. The prospect of survival for anyone interred is much reduced – 30 centimeters of dirt loading the barrel of a victim is sufficient to avert them from inflating their lungs. The atmosphere report accounts notes that landslides are currently happening at the site; the dangers here are very high indeed.