How To Make Homemade Gold Jewelry?

home made jewelry

Gold jewelry is unique and stylish, but have you ever wondered how this gold jewelry is made? And what are the stages needed to form this gold jewelry, have you ever thought about making this jewelry at home?

Handmade jewelry can be very suitable for special occasions; you can give it to a family member or even an exceptional friend.
There is no concern with the different carats that the jewelry contains. The only thing you need to make your homemade jewelry is a mold.

First step separate mold for making necklaces and use a ring mold for gold rings, then take all the old scraps you want to recycle and put them in a pile to make a brand new gold jewelry. Make sure that table surface is cleared from spaces and flat also be sure that the workspace is non-flammable.

Step number two use the hand-held torch made for melting gold to melt the yellow metal. Put all the gold on a melting plate until it turns to liquid. After the gold turns into liquid pour it into the casting mold and let it cool.

Step number three through a jewelry press machine made for crushing and stretching out melted gold place the melted gold after it’s cooled. The gold will be pulled, stretched and flattened through the machine. Apply this step several times to make the ring.

Step number four once you feel that the ring metal is flexible take needle pliers, and begin bending the ring. Make sure that the gold is completely flexible and cool enough through warming to bend into shape. Use a professional cutting machine to cut off excess once you feel that the ring shape is formed.

Step number five is to be careful while bending the gold, until it has closed-end. To fill in the gap where ends connect use a jewelry filling agent.
And here is a full handmade home jewelry of your own design costumed to fit you perfectly.