How to gain million Dollar from Gold?

Is it the time to invest in gold or not?

Gold, the precious metal, the yellow metal, the safe heaven and etc…. All of these names and more are what they call the divine metal, (gold). But why it change the global financial situations and it is going to change your life too ? The whole world shakes when Gold price fluctuate. All of the central Banks around the world own Gold, central banks had gold reserve which is a way to revalue their currency and the economic performance of Countries. But what about you? the whole world around you change, and affect by the fluctuate of gold price. You had to be one of those people who gain profit and earn more money in few simple steps.

We will go forward together and we will learn more about trading gold together. We will learn how to make profit together from gold and how to invest from a real life experience.You should be aware by the global circumstance around you, it is my first tip for you if you want to gain a million dollar. How you are going to reach the million dollar? certainly, through the trading but when and how it is the important question. You will find the answer with us, we will learn together how to start your million dollar trip by a relatively small budget.

We will learn together the different type of trading, and how to choose the best way of trading in your trip to the million dollar, according to your budget.

Forex the wide market

Why I starts by the Forex market? it is the only market all over the world where you can starts your trading by $50 USD. Yes only $50 USD. but we should know what is Forex, FX is the foreign exchange market for currencies, metals and oil. Gold in Forex consists of, a pair of Gold/USD but how you trade on it. Simple answer when you buy USD you sell gold and the vise versa. your trading is according to the news and the technical analysis. If you want to gain more money follow Gold Price Network Technical analysis , you can double your money daily if you know how to trade Forex. we can say it is your first step toward the million dollar, but what coming next, we will know together.

Comex (Gold futures)

Comex is one of the market for trading gold, But what is it. Comex is The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) is the world’s largest physical commodity futures exchange, located in New York City and it is one of the main market in trading Gold. Comex need higher amount of money. to get involved in this market you need to be aware by every move inside the market and every single news especially about USA. We can say Comex market is affected a lot by USA economy and its financial news, so you must follow every single news about USA if you want to gain more in Come, it is my tip for you toward the Million dollar.


Simply ETF (SPDR) funds are shares of a family of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) traded in the United States and Australia and it is traded on the stock exchange market. It usually traded like the stocks but to be honest with you in ETF when you gain you gain a lot and when you lose you lose a lot too. you had to be aware by every single move you do, while you are trading ETF. It could be the fastest way to gain your million dollar profit if you had enough cash to get in.

Physical Gold investment

one of the most famous way to invest in gold is the physical gold. It is an old and easy way you buy gold and then you wait until its price rise to sell it. But this way had to methods the Short term and the Long term. Short term is when you Buy gold and after 5 days its price rise so you decide to sell it to gain profit (not recommended) .The Long term is when you decide to buy gold and to keep it for a long time, certainly its price is going to be doubled you could be a millioner in 5 years with out any ethics of trading.

What I wish write now, for all my dear readers to take your decision to start a way of trading to change your life. I wish if you could now know your way in Investment, and your next move toward the fortune.