Hong Kong exports rise of gold to China seven times during the first quarter

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

According to data issued by the Hong Kong higher exports of gold to China about seven times during the first quarter, to be so on the way to overcome India’s largest global consumer of the precious metal.

Reached those exports about 135.5 metric tons in the period betweenJanuary to March / March, compared with 19.7 tons during the sameperiod a year ago, at a time revealed when the data is also rising exports to China rose 59% on a monthly basis in March / March .

This comes at a time when increased demand for gold in China in conjunction with high levels of income, in addition to the imposition ofrestrictions on speculation in the real estate market, prompting investors to move towards this precious metal.

According to the expectations of the World Gold Council, China hasbecome the largest global consumer, while the total size of the Indian demand for the metal, including jewelry 933.4 tonnes last yearcompared to 769.8 tonnes to China last year.

It is noteworthy that gold lost about 15% of the price level of the highest ever reached in September / September last at 1921.15 USD/Troy an ounce, while today’s trading above the level of 1630 dollars.