Halloween Is Coming Soon: Dress Up Like A Gold Miner

gold miner costume

Halloween is coming soon. Has anyone thought about an exclusive costume to wear? What about dressing up like a gold miner?

There are various decorating ideas and costumes that people have thought about these ideas come from someone’s imagination.

Everyone has different ideas that inspire them. One of the prevalent ways can show off your inventiveness and creativeness is through your costume.

A gold miner costume is unique & different.It would be a surprise to everyone.

Here is the question how does u make this costume?

Here are some instructions to follow:

First of all choose a long sleeved thermal shirt since gold miners wore thermal tops, but it is more preferable to choose a simple long-sleeved button shirt to pledge the gold mining costume. Put a cotton vest over the long-sleeved or current shirt to give the costume more legitimacy.

The following step choose an old pair of denim pants and fold the chosen shirt into the pants.

Then pick up a suitable boot and be aware to Keep the top of the boots hidden under the pants.

Finally, have to Fold a scarf crossly in half and wrap it around your neck, allowing it to hang in front of your chest. Draw a fake mustache or beard on your face to make it realer.