Guidelines To Keep The Shine Of White Gold

cleaning white gold

White gold is very good-looking. Though, this kind of gold are no different from the other gold except that it is alloyed with white metals.

However white gold’s natural finish is not really as sparkling as platinum and silver but is somewhat dull white. Its cleverness is owed to a thin layer of rhodium plating.

So, in order to preserve the magnificence of white gold jewelry, here are some modest tips to maintain the rhodium plating in your white gold jewels.

Remember to eliminate all your white gold jewelries when using risky chemicals.

Take away white gold rings while using detergent soaps or bleach that may hold harsh chemicals.

The liquids in the Dishwashing may hold tough cleansing agents that can damage the rhodium plating on your white gold ring.

Cosmetic products, for example, the hair spray may also hold chemicals that may affect your white gold jewelries like necklace and earrings.

It is better to put them on after you have fixed your hair with styling products.

Skin cleansers and Perfume might not affect your skin, but they have chemicals that might produce a chemical reaction to your white gold jewelries, as a result of it may lead to discoloration.

Hands sterilizers can also color wash your white gold jewelries. Comparable to cosmetic products, it may hold chemicals that can produce a chemical reaction to rhodium plating which might lead to discoloration.

Don’t wear your white gold jewelries when going for a swim.

Except if you’re dipping in a pool of fresh water, white gold jewelries may tarnish sooner if saturated in a pool of chlorinated water.

Salt water may also disturb the rhodium plating, so it is better to take your jewelries off formerly before going down the beach.

It’s important to clean all your white jewelry regularly.

Regular cleaning is as essential as avoiding chemicals that might cause discoloration.

Pollution, Dust and the natural acid that our body creates when we sweat are also aspects that contribute in the discoloration of white gold jewelries.

Through regular cleaning white gold jewelries every after use and earlier before putting away them in your jewelry box, you can prolong the lifetime of your jewelry rhodium plating.