Greeks lined up for the charity and aid


Hundreds of Greeks lined up in a makeshift market for vegetables in central Athens yesterday to get the handouts and free assistance at a time when their politicians resumed negotiations with the international auditors to assess progress on the reforms of austerity.

Syntagma Square and is filled with hundreds of citizens who are waiting for access to free aid of potatoes, carrots and spinach from the farmers. The Prime Minister appealed to Lucas Papademos and Finance Minister Evangelos Vinzilus negotiations with the international auditors with the increasing pressure to provide new safeguards for new austerity measures. Vinzilus conducted talks with representatives of the European Commission and European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, known as the “troika.”

Of the teams expected to press the IMF and the European Union to Greece in order to enhance competitiveness by reducing the minimum wage and the abolition of wage supplements which were paid in the festivals of Easter and Christmas.

Violent protests

In the meantime, dozens of members of the Communist Party of Greece to prevent the entry and exit through the entrance of the Hilton Hotel Athens, where he lives an inspection team. Athens is trying to persuade its creditors from the private sector are from banks and other institutional investors to exchange what they have of Greek government bonds, bonds with new ones to reduce its value by half including eliminating about 100 billion euros, or $ 130 billion of the huge size of the debt.

As the due date will be migrated to the new bond terms ranging from 20 to 30 years. But Greece and the Institute of International Finance – a representative from the private sector creditors were unable to reach an agreement on the interest rate on the new bonds.

Radio reports said: It is reported that the Director of the Institute is scheduled to return to Athens on Thursday for the resumption of negotiations with the Greek officials.