Goldman Sachs is expected to continue the falling of gold prices until 2014

Goldman Sachs is expected to continue the falling of gold prices until 2014

Goldman Sachs U.S.A predicted  a decline in gold prices this year to $ 1,600 USD/Ounce of gold compared by its previous expectation about gold price, which amounted to $1810 USD/Ounce of gold after the low price of  gold during trading, which began last October and an increase in real interest rates in the United States.

The news agency Reuters mentioned that the bank reduced expectations for 2014 to $ 1450 USD/Ounce instead of  $ 1750 USD/ Ounce of gold, and reduced expectations for the price of gold for the next three months to $ 1615 USD/Ounce from $ 1825 USD/Ounce of gold and expectations during the six months to $ 1600 USD/Ounce of gold instead of $ 1805 USD/Ounce of gold and during the 12 months to $ 1550 USD/Ounce rather than $ 1800 USD/Ounce of gold.

Most of decline of gold price conceded with the gradual rise of real interest rates in the United States, reflecting the superiority of the U.S. economic data on analysts’ expectations and explanation tougher for the latest comments from the Federal Reserve and the decline in the level of financial risk in the United States and Europe’s sovereign to the extent that price movements of gold price, and real interest indicate a shift in the course of gold price was expected to happen in the second half of the year.

  • thetruthspeaks

    Goldman Sachs are a pack of corrupt crooks, gold will soar because the dollar is collapsing

  • mehman

    If Goldman Sachs says it is dropping, it means they are secretly hoarding the gold up..
    So do the opposite and buy more gold..

  • williambtm

    Good to see that the preceding comments by mehman and thetruthspeaks, this doth show they are well aware of the business ethics peculiar to this species of the genus ‘Arachnidae-Americus Financilium Institutium Scorpionus,’ my own readings and observations of Goldman Sachs both pre GFC and post GFC, suggest the people of the World would be at peace with one another were all those of this AAFIS genus be drawn-quartered-blunt-blade beheaded, then their offal remains left about for the hungry corporate dogs to fight over.