Golden information

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

* Most of the gold which was discovered 6000 years ago is still
Possession of rights. Though the compilation of this gold was melted down and
A cube with sides 59 ft long and weighed 103.000 metric tons

* Gold is the most malleable metal and can be withdrawn voluntarily
Per ounce in the form of a wire length of 5 miles or roads
Plate in the form of extremely thin even covering an area of
Of 100 square feet

* Gold is the most intense elements of the world, it is denser
Of iron two and a half and lead twice.

* The square feet of gold weighs about 1200 lbs.

* The extraction of one ton in the mines can be obtained
From which to one ounce of gold.

* Federal Reserve Bank in New York City stores
12.500 mt of gold worth about $ 144 billion
Dollars in the safe area of ​​land under half the size of
Football field.

* An estimated $ 8 billion tons have melted in the oceans of the world,
And that there are 35 thousand metric tons remain in the earth’s crust.

* More than 19 tons of gold are manufactured in
Wedding rings each year.

* The jewelry industry are the most commonly used for gold without
Compared to today, with about 2000 tons of gold were used
In the jewelry industry in 1990, up from mine production
Which has a volume of 1734 tons in the Arab world.

* In some cases, gold chips are used for the work
Decorative cake and this often happens in Japan.

Carat * Password * (a word used to describe jewelry)
Derived from the words of an Arab, Greek and Italian to describe the kernels
Carob tree. The carob tree seeds are used
Kthagl by traders when selling gold and jewelry.

* Uses the jeweler in the detection of sample purity of gold
24 needle reach the golden purity of the first to 1/24 of the last
The sample is selected by the strep test for gold and then
Compared with scratches due to abrasion caused by the needles.
Although the use of Mahkat and needles for the detection of
However, the purity of gold is no longer fashionable, however, that the system of purity
Remains. Thus, gold is 24 carat gold
100% pure and 18 carat gold is a part of 18
Gold and 6 parts of other metals, and so on.

* The first production of gold in the United States was in the North
Karawlinaa and not in California and that in 1799 then followed by
Yields the other in an atmosphere Rgia in 1828.

** Is mine (Hom steak) in hand, South Dakota,
The oldest gold mine in the world, has been the discovery of gold
There throughout the 115 years.

* The largest bloc went undetected is (Wellcome Stranger)
And discovered in Australia in 1896, which weighs 2.280 ounces.

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