Gold .. The highest returns among investment sectors

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Economists believe that the gold metal is rare and display a limited world and will continue to curve prices always rise as a result the power demand and will continue to demand steep for gold during the period of the global financial crisis and still figures high prices present in the market and of war, and currency crisis in the region, Europe and the risks of inflation and low bank interest rates the central side of the difficulty of licenses and methods of extracting gold.

The economists that gold is characterized in the past depreciation of the investment risk with profits also low but with the repercussions of the global crisis and the volatility of acute in the price of gold rises profits to invest in gold and made gold less than his height last year by 11 percent and ranged from profits of most of the investments in gold of 11 percent to 65 percent and we expect this doubling of profits in the coming years.