Gold settles after a weekly loss

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Gold prices have stabilized over 1571 USD/troy per ounce on Monday after falling more than 3% last week, but rising U.S. dollar and fears of deflation raised by the global economic slowdown is expected to limit the gains.

And contributed to fears of inflation continue to rise in the gold of the atheist year in a row in 2011, but investors have become fearful of deflation after reports recently showed signs of a slowdown in global economic activity which is already affected by the debt crisis in Europe.
Traders said the market in the present and who witnessed the limited interest in buying in recent weeks that the global economic slowdown could push the jewelry-makers, investors and speculators to reduce their purchases.
By at 06:29 GMT, gold settled at 59. 1571 dollars an ounce after falling in early trading to around 1567 dollars, which is prompting speculators to take advantage of low prices for the precious metal rises to the highest levels of the session at 1576 dollars, gold has most of its gains this year to settle
Little changed.
And U.S. futures rose gold for August delivery / August 5.80 to $ 70. 1572 dollars an ounce.
Stepped up silver in online transactions 0.07% to 26.86 dollars per ounce, and platinum rose 0.55% to 24. 1435 dollars an ounce, while palladium rose 0.39% to 35. 606 dollars an ounce.