Gold Rush In Space, Is It Possible?

gold discovery

Mining in space is transforming from, science fiction to commercial truth, but metals magnates on this planet need not fear a mountain of space supply the purpose is to fuel human journeys deeper into the galaxy.

In three, years, two organizations plan to prospect missions to passing asteroids.

When even a modest space rock might encounter request for metals like gold or platinum for eras, it is tiny wonder storytellers have long imagined that to harness cosmic riches could break, and make fortunes on Earth.

However with no way to get much ore or metal down from the heavens, new projects that have the backing from some serious and extremely rich business figures, as well as interest from NASA will emphasis on using space minerals in interplanetary “gas stations” or to construct, fund and fuel colonies on Mars.

There might be gold up there, but the draw for now is water for investors prepared to get the novel industry off the ground.

Governments have faith in it has a future; NASA in 2030s has a project that could set astronauts on an asteroid in below a decade and on Mars. And if the expenses seem extraordinary, grumblers are told that one day the fresh skills might just save mankind from sharing the fate of the dinosaurs if we can acquire how to stop a gigantic asteroid smashing into Earth.

“We are fantasists,” declares the web site of Deep Space Industries, next to an image of a wheel-like metal station hooked up to a massive floating rock. But what the U.S. based start-up fixed calls the first small steps in a long play to progress the resources of space are about to occur.

A priority is using oxygen and hydrogen and the components of water protected in compounds on asteroids, to refill rockets.

The first of DSI’s exploration satellites, slighter than toasters, will hitch-hike into the galaxy on rockets carrying other payloads and start scouting for suitable rocks. Primary in 2016,

The equivalent year, another U.S.-based venture, Planetary Resources, expects to launch prospecting craft hunting feasible asteroids.

Eric Anderson, an American co-founder of Planetary Resources and aerospace engineer said: “They are the low-hanging fruit of the solar system”.

He also said:”They are just there, and they are not challenging to get to and they are not tough to get away from,”


Meteorites – chunks that fall and survive to earth after asteroids collapse in the atmosphere – yield significant amounts of precious metals like gold, platinum, rhodium, rhenium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium, germanium and, palladium.

Lasers, Cameras

Early in 2016, Deep Space Industries optimisms to launch flying cameras it calls Fireflies. Their pictures will let scientists judge the composition of asteroids they permit. They will use off the ridge parts in tried and experienced modules, just 4 inches (10 cm) wide.

“For the survival of the human kind, we have to discourse the asteroids, or they will discourse us”. Said Blair the mining expert.