Gold reach unbelievable area

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Gold prices continued to fall today, following the decline of the euro to a new low in four months, following Greece’s leaders have failed to agree on forming a government and heading for new elections,nine days after an inconclusive election.

Suddle and the price of gold pieces in the evening session in London onTuesday at 1556.50 USD/Troy per ounce, down from 1559.00 USD/Troy per ounce in the previous session blocks.

The precious metal fall in line with the decline of the euro and Europeanequities in the trading day, in addition to lower oil prices, which fueledconcerns about global economic growth.

The euro fell in the latest price by 0.2%, to $ 1.2800, after falling to1.2792 dollars, its lowest price since 18 January.

And politicians failed to agree on the Greek government during the talkstook place nine days after the day of elections did not produce a decisive result, what threatens to prolong the political crisis in this country, which is pushing to get close to bankruptcy and out of the euro area.