Gold prices stable amid demand for large investment

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Stabilized the price of gold after he had finished the month of January the largest monthly rise since last August, while investors awaited more data from the economies of the head in search of direction to prices.

The price of gold in London yesterday at 1744 dollars an ounce, unchanged from the previous meeting of the pieces. Gold remains a most important traded commodity, oil prices rose during 2011 by more than 20% and in the climate that prevails in cautious trading market, investors are keen to take on the world safe positions in the categories of liquid assets.

And saw “EDS Securities,” foreign exchange trading platform, alloy the Abu Dhabi-based company, a rise in demand for gold in the beginning of the year, following the decision of the U.S. Federal Reserve to keep borrowing costs low for another three years. And investors are looking around the world for the most competitive prices, and they have found the best deals in Abu Dhabi.

The more than 50 central bank cut interest rates in the past five months, and the correct price of gold at the end of 2011, gave investors an opportunity to buy again in the category of safe assets and excellent prices. Continue to guide central banks to diversify their assets to include gold, at the time still a supply and demand levels are close, and doubled the cost of extracting gold three times in less than a decade. Thus, the outlook for gold remains very attractive.

Said Philip Ghanim, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of EDS Securities: Keep the gold power since the beginning of the year, while investors continue their quest to find a safe haven for their investments, and they look today to the precious metals as an asset class is less volatile and more consistent.

Our goal is to EDS Securities in the offer to institutional investors and individuals quality services and attractive deals. While providing a lower gold prices in the market, ranging between 40-60 cents per ounce, we offer great value for the global market. We are seeing increasing application rates of all regions locally and globally, with most major trading from Asia.

At the end of the month January, Gold was among the best performing asset classes since the beginning of the year to date, with the revenues achieved by 11% and reach almost to the price level in 1730 dollars. Perhaps most significantly, it seems clear is the recovery of gold from the block level falling to 1550 in December last year as a result of the significant decline of the level of demand from India by the end of 2011. The statements formed the «Federal Reserve Board» on keeping U.S. interest rates low for a longer time, an incentive contributed to increased demand for gold.

The low interest rates that investors do not have to give up a substantial income resulting from the benefits of investing in gold, which in turn benefited from a wave of news relating to the continued buying by institutions and individuals in China.