Gold prices rise 2% in global markets

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Gold rose 2% showing better performance than the stock market for the third consecutive day, with renewed talk of monetary stimulus in the U.S. and Europe, which enhanced the attractiveness of the precious metal, for investors seeking to hedge against inflation.

Gold and is heading to recording the biggest gain for a single day in the month on expectations that the European Central Bank will create new money to finance the bailout of heavily indebted countries in the euro area.

And received the gold paid late on Tuesday, the talk of the U.S. Federal Reserve (central bank), studying new tools to support growth in the United States.

The price of gold for transactions Watch 2% to 1608.66 USD/Troy per ounce, after hitting its highest level in about three weeks at 1609.91 dollars earlier in the session.

Futures jumped U.S. Gold for August delivery of $ 31.80, at 1608.00 USD/Troy an ounce.

And fluctuations in the gold range of $ 75 in July, which narrowly monthly since April.