Gold price today globally report

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Gold price today globally report- we will start our report today by the stock exchange of London in which gold held on  1553.00 USD/ troy an ounce of gold in the stock exchange of London by the AM session while gold price in London stock exchange in the PM session watched a rise to record 1554.00 USD/troy an ounce of gold in stock exchange of London today.

when we comes to gold price today in the spot market it records 1694.90 USD/troy an ounce of gold today by a rise equal to 0.12% for gold prices today especially after the promises by motivations from the central bank today the case which pushed gold price today to rise in the spot market.

New York stock exchange today watched a rise in gold prices to record 1695.90 USD/troy an ounce of gold.

Dubai stock exchange make a surprise today by rising 0.24% today in gold price in Dubai supported by foreign buy for gold in Dubai stock exchanges especially by Egyptian to make the gold records 1694.30 USD/troy an ounce of gold in Dubai stock exchange today.