Gold price rise supported by the buying rate of Gold alloys and golden coins

The mess of gold price leaded by Japan

Spot Gold price neglected the decline of US futures  to record a rise by 0.50% due to the demand on gold alloys and golden coins, after gold price touched a low level did not touch from two years ago, in previous trading sessions.

Gold price still threatened after a wave from the investors works on selling gold and buying US stocks, we should mention that today Gold futures in USA declined by 0.50% while the spot market rose by o.49%, some time USA gold future dominate over the spot gold market and control its price but what happend today was different in which Spot gold price rise.

Gold price is expected to close by the end of the session on a rise might be extend to 0.50% according to the market watching, but from a personal point of view i expect that by the end of the session we will watch a rise by not more than 0.45% for the spot market.