Gold price rebound to unexpected level today

Raw Gold

Gold price rebound to unexpected level today affected by burgin hunters, there are a lot if investors today announced that gold price yesterday was the lowest gold could ever reach, they had a rush on buying gold in Comex market, in which gold price record a rise in one session higher 3.11%.

Gold price get out of control because of the gloomy about the chines economy, which worked as a bad indicator for the lack of demand, from another point in the market we watched a global company from Cyprus started to escape out of the market after announcement that, the government of cyprus is going to sell a huge amount of gold.

the expectation today for gold price to record a rise by 1% but gold price surprised us by a rise equal to 3.20%, god price rebound and there is an expectation for gold to pass the level of $ 1400 USD/Ounce of gold by the end of the session.