Gold price quick tip for trading 22 – April, 2013

Burgin hunter is going to fix gold price or not?

Gold price quick tip for trading 22 – April, 2013– Gold price rise for more than 1.42% in the trading session but a bad news for traders a, technical selling process or ( short gaining profit) is taking place now in the market which cause a decline by 0.20% in the profit then a decline by 0.34%, in more simple words by the end of the session we will watch gold recording a profit by 0.89 to 1.11 % instead of 1.70%  as an average for the market.

Gold price will watch a decline in the profit so my tip for you if you did not enter the market and you will trade today start by selling gold until the end of the session, if you starts to lose, my tip is to quite trading now