Gold price in the stock exchange of London

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Gold price in the stock exchange of London today record in the AM session 176o USD/troy an ounce of gold today in London, after some concerns about global financial cries some investors stop buying gold and keep cash the thing which cause decline in Gold price today globally not only in the stock exchange of London to make the gold record in the Pm session of London 1758.50 USD/troy an ounce of gold by a decline equal to 0.12% in gold price.

  • Su Pa

    When exactly is the price of gold high that gold buyers turn to cash. How do we understand the buyers psychology? Prices fluctuate up and down but going up steadily yet there are buyers after temporary halt.

    • global financial Crisis is soon so you need a stock of gold and foreign currencies, the expected safe reserve is gold and English pound from my own point of view .
      if you are talking about gold price rise and fall is controlled by USA and huge investors.
      the best place to invest in now is Egypt as a new market which is expected to be stable after 4 month and the stock exchange market is great, other place is London stock exchange and Dubai stock exchange.
      waiting for any question from you i will be glad to answer it.