Gold Passed $ 1,700 per ounce and analysts expect to continue to rise

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

Gold prices exceeded barrier $ 1,700 per ounce in the morning 09/06/2012 and so gold, the highest rise since last March, reaching $ 1,703.32 an ounce.

This rise comes with rising expectations that the European Central Bank will tell us today about the details of his plan to contain the surge in yield on troubled European countries.
And gold prices rose immediate as of at 06:00 GMT by 0.28% to record levels trading $ 1697.84 per ounce and recorded its highest at 1,698.28 $ and a low of 1,691.30 $ compared the opening price at 1,692.90, $ traded silver prices currently around levels $ 32.75 per ounce compared to the opening price at 32.21 $ and recorded a low of $ 32.19, higher at $ 32.76.
And gold prices rose after leaks news of the European Central Bank yesterday, he stressed this was confirmed by officials at the Central Bank briefed on the plan said European Central Bank Governor Mario Draghi sees that the proposed plan to control the surge in bond yields Spanish and Italian include the purchase amounts unlimited government bonds of troubled European countries, which will contribute to calm the financial markets and remove the growing concerns about printing money (and open market operations).
The European Central Bank has indicated in later last week that he would not put a ceiling on a specific rate of return on government bonds, and that the bank will buy government bonds from the secondary market of life over three years, and this news bunched as investors awaited tomorrow on pins embers of the European Central Bank tells us about the details of the plan to contain the surge in yield on Spanish and Italian bonds.
As gold prices have tended to rise backed the winning decline in the U.S. dollar, with a tendency of investors to buy higher-yielding assets with improved risk appetite with expectations to facilitate monetary policy of the world’s central banks, led by Federal Bank and European and Chinese.
Will remain eyes awaiting the U.S. economy, which will be announced tomorrow for the jobs report, which will provide a clear picture of the performance of the U.S. labor market, which is still affected and dramatically slowdown witnessed by the U.S. economy giant, Expectations down performance the U.S. labor market and this is what supports expectations need economy to further quantitative easing to support the pace of economic growth in the United States.