Gold over $ 1600 an ounce globally

The gold gained momentum price on Tuesday exceeding $ 1600 an ounce with a high morale in general, as the data raised a weak economic outlook to take the major central banks further action facilitation to stimulate growth, and the owner of the rise of gold high in the markets in general terms also increased the prices of global equities.

The manufacturing sector contracted by the U.S. in June for the first time in nearly three years after a group of weak data from Europe and Asia have shown that the euro zone debt crisis affecting the world economy.

The leading European Central Bank monetary easing in the front under the high expectations that lower interest rates to a record level later this week, and promoted a series of weak data opportunities for further monetary stimulus in the United States.

Gold rose in online transactions 0.7% from the previous close to 1608.39 USD/Troy an ounce, while futures rose gold in the United States for August delivery also about 0.7% to 1609.40 dollars.

And increased spot price of silver to 27.90 dollars tracing gains gold, and platinum rose to 1467 dollars while the price of palladium to 586.75 dollars an ounce.

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