Gold mining in South Africa

Gold mining

One of the most important factors helped in the development of South Africa was the gold mining it was behind the history and the economy. The story of gold mining starts at the Orange river since 1867. The famous rushes leader Pilgrim’s Rest and Barberton they were leaders to the biggest discovery of all, the Main Reef/Main Reef Leader on Gerhardus Oosthuizen’s farm Langlaagte, Portion C, in 1886, the Witwatersrand Gold Rush and the subsequent fast development of the gold production there, it was the biggest of them all.

One of the biggest ten in gold production is south Africa occupying the 5Th place because it concerns more by the minerals production. South Africa is the world number one producer of chrome, platinum, manganese, vermiculite and vanadium. While it keep the second place in the production of ilmenite, palladium,rutile and zirconium. When we talks about cool we can not forget about the third producer which is south Africa.

History of mining in South Africa

The early growth in the republican of South Africa was depending on the production of gold and diamond. A place north east the famous cape town known by its rich production of diamonds, Kimberly this small place which had watched a rush by thousands of people searching for wealth. During the era of the British invasion there was a place called Griqualand West, this place was occupied by the British army because of the presence of precious diamonds. In 1868, the republic of South Africa attempted to take areas near the newly discovered diamond fields, drawing by protests from the nearby British colonial government. These annexations later led to the war of First Boer at 1880-1881.

The discovery of gold was at a place called Witwatersrand, raised what was called after that the Witwatersrand Gold Rush of 1886. On the foot step of diamonds, the discovery of gold caused gold rush in South Africa pulled the attention of a lot of foreign eyes to the region. The issue which lead to a lot of political tension in South Africa and the direct reason behind the Second Boer War in 1899.

During the early 20 century, South Africa watched a lot of development in the mining sector and at the economic in general the mining sector tripled the economy for what was called the Union of South Africa. In a particular case, to achieve revenue from gold exports you had to spend a lot on new machines and petrol to support the expanding of your production, so in that time you had to be on a good relation with The British invasion.

Gold production in South Africa

15% of the global gold production came out from South Africa in 2002, and 12% from the gold production in 2005 produced by South Africa, in 1993 South Africa was responsible for 30% from the global gold production. Gold export from South Africa by 2005 was valued by $3.8 billion US Dollar, despite the gold production declining level. Nearly 50% from the global gold reserves are found in South Africa.

The East Rand Mine, in Boksburg and shallower mine is located at TauTona in Carletonville, is two of the deepest gold mine all over the world and both of them are located in South Africa, the country of the gold rush.

We had to say that the low geothermal gradient in South Africa gold mining increases the hard conditions of workers, but we still talk about 50% of the global gold reserves in gold.