Gold Mining Ghost Town: Seneca, California

seneca california

The 12-acre gold mining ghost town of Seneca, California, which entered decline after its post office closed in 1943, is up for sale, complete with mineral, timber rights and restaurant/bar, for $225,000 on Craigslist.

This deal contains several minor buildings in different states.

History of Seneca California gold mine:

Researchers discovered that there is a site of two ghost towns.

Gold rush of old Seneca era boomtown, was complete with the post office, stores, homes, hotel, assayer’s office, Chinese community, plenty of hard-rock drift mines and stamp mills.

Tactlessly, it’s ruined and burned. Frequently rocky foundations are on private property.

Not far from the ruins of the old “new” Seneca was built, when new lifeblood moved into town and revived the mines around the late 90’s. It lies at an elevation of 1105 m (3625 feet). It is located on the North Fork Feather River, 10.1 km (6.25 miles) north of twain.

The World War II collapsed the potential for Seneca to grow; this assumption based on the fact that most California drift mine operations lost their male workers at this time to the draft and had to shut down.

Sadly, thieves have come to this spot, and even been brave enough to post their burgling adventure in blogs on the internet, bragging about what they took.

These people should be embarrassed and ashamed. These are historic things that belong to the community and public, and sooner or later archeologists will need these things to understand the gold rush.