Gold loses momentum before the summit of European

Turkey continues to buy Iranian gas by gold

Gold prices fell yesterday to resemble the movement of his high-risk assets affected by pessimistic expectations about the EU summit is unlikely to come out the measures necessary to address the debt crisis of the euro area.

It is expected to develop two-day summit a road map for the broad monetary union, financial, political, and perhaps agree to a package of measures to boost growth.

And down the spot price of gold to 80.1568 dollars per ounce of 40.1574 dollars at the close on Wednesday.

Have been affected by general market sentiment as gloomy euro against the dollar, its lowest level in three weeks and stocks fell.

After the rally has been going on for 11 years moving gold to record the largest quarterly loss in eight years and was characterized by stable prices almost since the beginning of the year.

Silver and settled little changed at 84.26 dollars per ounce.

Platinum fell to 05.1397 dollars per ounce of 15.1404 dollars while offering palladium to 75.575 dollars from 75.572 dollars per ounce.

And gold fell U.S. delivery  60.6 dollars per ounce to 30.1568 dollars.

It is expected that prices received good support for 1558 dollars according to analysts, a low level, which was revealed to him last week after the Federal Reserve disappointed Amap bulls metal Alasafar He declined to announce a new round of quantitative easing.

Silver fell Spot 7.0 percent to 88.26 dollars per ounce.

Platinum and lost 1.1 percent to 1404 dollars, while palladium fell 3.2 percent to 50.577 dollars per ounce, and he had recorded earlier in the lowest level in seven months at 88.575 dollars per ounce.