Gold Jewelry in the Middle East

Bedouin Arabic Gold

Middle Eastern women just can’t resist the shine of gold jewelry. They are raised to love it, to appreciate it and to enjoy it. It is the most basic and common wedding gift, it is the most basic and valued gift for women in the Middle East. Men wear silver, not gold. The Arabic culture designed a tremendous amount of gold accessories for women to wear since ancient times.

Let’s take a closer look on gold jewelry in the Arabic culture. Remember that it’s prohibited for Bedouin women to talk to stranger men. It’s a male-dominated culture, at least from the outside. The Middle Easters take great pride in their honor. Study their culture first, they take it personally and seriously. Even if it may involve money or gold, they don’t think twice when they are offended.

From simple “Bedouin” desert-dwellers women to the most successful business woman, women in the Middle East can’t take their eyes of gold. They just love to have gold ornaments and jewelry. Maybe eastern-culture as a whole shares this idea, but Middle East have special spot for gold.

For women, nose gold piercings are common in rural desert areas, among Bedouins, where the call it “Zimam”. It is also quite common in these areas to wear a light golden-headgear, something that looks like a ring with gold coins.

Another rural gold jewelry is a big necklace called “Kirdan”. It is a bit long and multi-leveled gold necklace, often these levels are crests decorated with gold coins or gold rings.

And old jewelry piece that has been used by teenagers and young adults is the gold anklet. This piece has gained quite the popularity even in the west. Gold belts also found its way to the rich and international fashion houses.

Modern designs of gold bracelets, earrings and rings are the most common gold jewelries found in the Middle East. These designs vary a lot, with the Indian designs being the most popular in the Gulf area. Western designs are quite popular as well, with new trends to revive archaic Arabian gold designs.

To sum up, the Middle East is ever thirsty for the yellow metal. But as traders, they can spot a good bargain and sell to India or Europe, if the deal was good enough. The key factor for a successful gold trading in the Middle East is to understand the jewelry market in the local area. Almost each town has its own preference of gold jewelry designs. Think global and act local in the Middle East.