Gold, its highest level in 6 weeks supported by the rise of the euro

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

Price of gold, the highest level in six weeks yesterday with the euro to rise against the dollar and made other commodities such as crude oil and increasing the confidence in the precious metal following a rise of three consecutive weeks for the first time since November. While European stocks rose and fell in Japan.

The high price of gold is currently 7.1% since the end of December, but analysts warned that the metal may lose momentum if the euro was down under the weight of bad news from the new common currency area.

And increased spot price of gold 1.1% to 1675.44 USD/Troy per ounce, after rising earlier to 1677.10 dollars. The price of gold for February delivery 12.30 U.S. dollars per ounce to 1676.30 dollars.

The price of silver in online transactions 1.6% to 32.67 dollars per ounce. And platinum rose 0.9% to 1544.74 dollars while palladium rose 1.2%, recording 681.47 per ounce.

The price of gold pieces in the morning session in London yesterday at 1675.00 USD/Troy per ounce, up from 1653.00 dollars in the previous session pieces. The price of gold at the previous close in New York to $ 1657.76 an ounce.

Dollar and the euro

Earlier yesterday, the euro fell against the dollar, after rising by operations to cover short positions last week and is still vulnerable to further decline in the absence of uncertainty about the talks is important for Greek debt swap deal to avoid default.

The euro fell 0.1% to 1.2925 dollars to remain below the high of $ 1.2986 struck on Friday, supported reap profits from the big city centers in euros. The creditors of Greece from the private sector from the first Sunday that they have suffered the maximum that can tolerate the loss, throwing the ball in the court of the European Union and the IMF.

But the euro has risen from the lowest levels with the high Australian dollar to its highest level in 11 weeks against the dollar at 1.0509 U.S. dollars. That prompted the dollar index to fall to 80.190.

Against the Japanese currency dollar reached 77.02 yen, down from 77.31 yen last week.The euro was steady against the yen at 99.61 yen, down from 100.33 yen last week. The euro stood at 1.2310 Australian dollars.