Gold is witnessing great heights with the closure of the trading week

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Turned to gold prices trend upward for the first time in a week last Friday, where a weak U.S. employment data to guide investors to safe assets. Gold prices have risen steadily in recent months, and in generalbenefited from the weakness of the global economic data. The precious metal closed this week at 1642.03 USD/Troy an ounce, up from the level of 1626.35 during the morning trading session.
During this week, traders will want to invest in the control data comingfrom the Eurozone and the U.S.. And any signs that the global economic recovery is under further slowdown may result in the extension of the upside for gold. And any positive signals may result in a rise in risk appetite in the market, which may lead to abandonment of the gold from some recent gains.