Gold is stable around $ 1.700 an ounce, and markets watching the results of EU summit

Gold price could rebound after Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank speech

Gold prices have remained since the beginning of trading on the last day of the week on the highest levels within two days ago, and corrections markets with anticipation for the second day of the EU Summit, the leaders agreed yesterday to speed up the payment of capital for European financial stability mechanism.

Gold prices have stabilized since the beginning of morning trading above $ 1.700 an ounce after the European leaders agreed in Brussels yesterday to provide capital more quickly to the Permanent Fund rescue plan it, and this after international pressure to strengthen the defenses of the Union in the face of the debt crisis

Gold prices benefited from the rise in European equity indices and the Asian wave, which rose with the hopes that the European Union summit will resolve the debt crisis in Europe, it is scheduled to be undertaken by governments in the euro area to pay the first two installments of the annual European stability mechanism worth 500 billion euros this year , and will be completed capital until 2015, the year before the deadline. And due to this decision comes in later in the day.

Today is expected to be signed the Treaty of Brussels to adjust the budget, a move designed to prevent the recurrence of debt crisis, which affected a number of euro zone countries, while announced by Britain and the Czech Republic refused to join the document.

. Turkizaleom will remain on the top European investors with a tendency to buy gold and make up for losses incurred on the first Tuesday after the injections of liquidity to banks by the European Central Bank, which noted Dgv the banking sector and influenced by the sovereign debt crisis.

Trading price of gold is currently $ 1,713.45 level per ounce and recorded a high of $ 1,724.07 and a low of $ 1,712.82 compared to 1,716.71 at the opening price of $.

Silver prices currently trading around the levels of $ 35.09 per ounce compared to opening price at $ 35.40 and recorded the lowest at $ 345.05 and a high of $ 34.46