Gold in the eyes of history

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

The Gold is the oldest metals that I use rights since ancient times before birth and to this day, was known for the ancient Egyptians for use in many of their affairs daily, but this metal a lot of stations, some of which is before the birth of Christ: in the year 4000 BC was used in Eastern and Central Europe, and in the year 3000 BC the Egyptians m sophisticated in the ways of manufacturing gold and mixed with other metals to get a degree of hardness and colors, and at the same age known Sumerian civilization in the country of Iraq in the manufacture of jewelry.

In the year 1350 BC AD has begun to use gold in the preparation of the dead and paint their graves it and store the property gold for the rich in their graves, and in the year 560 BC began the some civilizations using gold coins in handling them, such as the Kingdom of Lydia, then after that famous city of Venice Kporsh of gold due to its geographical location.

On this day we find that most of the countries, led by the USA based on the golden rule of money, In 1922 AD in Egypt specifically, and when you open the tomb of King Tutankhamen have received hundreds of metal pieces and the mask of his pure gold, but in the history of 2000 was used experts paint some golden space observatories in order to see things in a very high accuracy.

The advantage of gold not influenced by external factors such as water, air and oxygen throughout history, like other metals and for this reason is why gold coins remain This year, even without any rust or break.