Gold in London at new records

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

The price of gold pieces in the morning session in London on Monday at1632 USD/Troy per ounce, down from 50.1641 dollars in the previous session. The price of gold at the previous close in New York of $ 87.1641 an ounce.
Investors may condoned data showing the stability of factory activity in China and the spotlight on the meeting of the Federal Reserve central bank which will be held in the U.S. later this week to draw guidelines on the possibility of further monetary easing measures.

It fell 1% last week, in line with stocks and other commodities fueled with concerns about the debt crisis in Spain worries about global economic growth and led to a reluctance to risk.

Investors and ignoring to a large extent an initial reading of the H-index. S. Me. C for PMI, which showed stable in the factories in China in April, while production increased slightly and has grown the new activities of the lowest level in several months and increased export orders.

And lights are kept on a meeting of the Open Market Committee on Tuesday and Wednesday because the position of the Council reserve further monetary easing is still vital to the fortunes of gold. Bank of Japan will meet Friday and is expected to take further measures facilitation.

And move the price of gold in the spot market within three dollars and settled little changed at 61.1640 USD/Troy an ounce by 0655 GMT time.There have been U.S. futures little changed at 60.1641 dollars per ounce.
The price of silver fell 73.0 percent to 43.31 dollars an ounce, while platinum down 1.0 percent to 99.1571 dollars per ounce. The price of palladium and 25.0 percent to 72.669 dollars per ounce.