Gold hovers around 1640 dollars and attention on the meeting of the Board reserves

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Stabilized gold near 1640 USD/Troy an ounce on Monday, while overlooked by investors from data showing the stability of the activities factories in China and highlighted the meeting of the Federal Reserve (Fed) to be held later in the week to draw indications on the possibility of taking further action facilitation cash.

Gold was down 1% last week, in line with stocks and other commodities fueled with concerns about the debt crisis in Spain worries about global economic growth and led to a reluctance to risk.

Investors and ignoring to a large extent the Preliminary H-index. S. B. C to the purchasing managers showed stable in factories in China in April, while production increased slightly and grew new activities from the lowest level in several months and increased export orders.

The lights are kept on a meeting of the Open Market Committee on Tuesday and Wednesday because the position of the Council reserve more monetary easing is still vital to the fortunes of gold, and the Bank of Japan met on Friday and is expected to take further action facilitation.

And move the gold price in the spot market within three dollars and settled little changed at 1640.61 USD/Troy an ounce, and did not record the futures of America has changed at 1641.60 dollars an ounce.

The price of silver fell 0.73% to 31.43 dollars an ounce, while platinum down 0.1% to 1571.99 USD/troy an ounce, the price of palladium and 0.25% to 669.72 dollars an ounce.

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