Gold hit a new record after the global settlement of Spain


Gold prices rose on Monday, and gains amounted to 1% by the decision of the euro area banks to help distressed Spanish, which enhanced the high-risk assets and pressure on the dollar, but the gains did not reach the accomplishments of precious metals with industrial uses.

And the overtook silver, platinum and palladium to gold, palladium and issued gains, up 2.2% it is the largest in a single day for two months.

And the euro zone finance ministers agreed on Saturday to lend to Spain up to 100 billion euros (125 billion dollars) to strengthen the banks, which calmed markets, which dominated in the recent fears of a possible disintegration of the common currency area.

And rose gold spot price 0.3% to 1598.56 USD/Troy an ouncean ounce, down from its highest level in the $ 1607.95 transaction record in the early hours.

And U.S. gold futures rose for August delivery in a half cent to 1599.60 USD/Troy an ounce  after they have stepped up earlier in the day to 1609.3 USD/Troy an ounce.

Stepped up in the Silver Spot about 2% to $ 29 an ounce before easing to 28.83 dollars.

Platinum rose 1.8% to 1466.99 dollars and palladium 2.1% to 622.72dollars an ounce.