Gold gains for third straight day

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

Gold record gains for the third consecutive day today after incurring losses in September, the biggest monthly since 2008 after a warning from Greece will not meet the deficit reduction targets set to avoid bankruptcy, which launched a wave of selling in the stock markets and commodities.

And European shares fell more than 2%, while falling copper about four percent and the decline of crude oil 1%, following the declaration of Greece it will not meet the deficitidentified in July as part of the program to save huge, which shows that the important steps taken to avoid the declaration of Greece, bankruptcy may not be enough.

Increased Spot gold 2.2 percent and was trading near 30.1658 USD/Troy per ounce and futures rose U.S. Gold for December delivery 2.5% to 1662.50 USD/Troy per ounce .

And silver rose 3.2 percent to 30.84 dollars per ounce and silver prices were down about 28% in September registered the largest monthly decline since the beginning ofthe eighties.

And platinum fell 0.7% to 1514.24 dollars an ounce and palladium was 2.1% to tradenear the lowest level in at 602.72 dollars and had lost 22% last month, the biggest monthly loss in three years.