Gold fell under pressure from weakening of the euro

Is it the time to invest in gold or not?

Influenced by the price of gold fell under pressure from weakening of the euro because of a dispute between the leaders of Europe on how to contain the debt crisis despite the highlevel of assets to the world of metal Almtdolh funds in the stock market to a new record.

And increased returns on Italian bonds for two years to a new record despite the efforts ofthe European Central Bank to contain the rising debt to buy the Italian, while the euro fell to near two-month low against the dollar and the yen.

And offset the position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s opposition to the issuance of bonds common to the euro area and a greater role for the European Central Bank to resolve the crisis on the talks between the leaders of Germany, France and Italy on Thursday.

The decline in demand from major clients such as India because of the strength of the dollar, which pushed the price of gold in rupees to nearly all-time highs as reduced majorsource of support for the bite

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