Gold fall as a comet in the last 30 days

The mess of gold price leaded by Japan

Gold fall as a comet in the last 30 days, gold was used to be the safe investment but now a days, investors did not see it as it was before, gold declined through the last year by 10.35% it mean that investors who saved gold from the last february until now they lost 10.35%, there are a lot of reasons for this fall, one of it is the weakness of the global economy especially in USA and the Euro zone ( Greece, spain, Cyprus, Italy and france) caused the weakness of the Euro zone, the sudden fall in the global economy caused a fluctuate in the markets followed by the weakness of the US dollar and the increase of demand on the Oil came from china and USA, so most of investors go forward to invest in the oil, the reason which decreased the demand on the Gold, probationally caused the decline of gold price.

Gold price in the last 30 days declined by 6.72% we said above that gold declined by 10.35% in the last year 6.72% from the decline in gold price happend in the last 30 days, gold starts to go through the down channel, after the central banks stops buying gold and the investors turns to invest in Oil, there is an expectation for gold price to reach over $ 2000 USD/Ounce of gold, by the next February, gold will pass the down channel if it succeed  to pass the average of $ 1660 USD/Ounce of gold.

If gold price succeed to pass the average of $ 1660 USD/Ounce of gold, we will watch an excessive rise in Gold price until it reach the average of $ 2100 USD/Ounce of gold, then we will watch by the middle of 2014 a new down channel in gold price.

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  • faizan

    should we invest rite now?

  • do i have to sale what i have from gold rightnow because its ganna be cheaper or i have to wait ? need ur advise

  • thin thin

    today can i buy gold?

  • luckyphucker

    Buy silver and nickle. in 20 years you’ll about 20x your investnent.

    • ms gold lady

      what are the chances of silver going 20x up?

  • m

    Where the it’ll stop falling down further

  • ms gold lady

    if you had to make your best guess, will gold be expecting to go lower and stay down or will it go back up in the near future?