Gold drops after credit rating for banks in France


Moody’s lowered the credit rating classification of two major French banks, sparkingfears of a systemic crisis in the banking sector in the euro area. The decline in gold and Moody’s lowered ratings of Societe Generale and Credit Agricole said it would expand the scope of review to include me. That. Paribas.

And gold moved down half  percentage point up to 1824.09 USD/ Troy ounce, after rising 1.1% in the previous session.  And moved down the price of gold, U.S. 0.1% to1828.20USD/ Troy ounce.

The dollar rose 0.7% against a basket of currencies with the euro was down before the conference, which includes the leaders of Greece, France and Germany. The dollar is heading to achieve the height of the tenth day since August 30

The price of silver in the spot market 0.58% to 40.79 dollars per ounce. And theplatinum price fell 0.37% to 1803.49 USD/ Troy ounce. The palladium price fell 0.56% to717.47USD/ Troy ounce .