Gold As God’s Money

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Let’s investigate a common statement that we hear in many Christian economic circles these days: “Gold is God’s money”. Is this a true statement? How does it stand up against scripture? If it is true, then there are a whole lot of Christians that had better start repenting and sell their particular currencies to buy gold.

Gold is God’s money” is a declarative statement. It brings with it God’s decree to use anything else as money is very sinful. Sometimes we also hear the phrase “God’s money” when referring to gold. This again is a declarative statement.

Gold is the first, and most frequently mentioned metal in the Bible as at Genesis From the beginning, it has been a noble metal, highly valued for its weight, rarity, durable non tarnishing luster, shimmering beauty, and elasticity.

The color and luster of gold, and its resistance to oxidation or tarnishing, makes it valuable for jewelry and decoration of all kinds.
In early Biblical times, it was found in its native purity in stony deposits and riverbeds was easily separated and recovered because of its great weight.

In the construction of the Tabernacle built by Moses, Exodus describes using gold being beaten into plates for overlay, sheets, and even thread used in garments used by the high priest, also in The Most Holy, the Ark of the Covenant was gold.

Solomon’s Temple was decorated by gold. As done with several modern coins, even ancient Israel evidently mixed an alloy with gold to harden it. David set aside 100,000 talents of gold for Solomon’s Temple. A talent is about 75 pounds.

The Temple’s lamp, stands, instruments, forks, bowls, pitchers, basins, cups, were all made of gold and silver, with a very few being made of copper. The cherub in the Most Holy and even the entire inside of the house was overlaid with gold. By today’s prices, the gold in Solomon’s Temple would probably be valued at $50 billion.

Gold’s rarity, throughout history gave it a monetary value, which made it useful in commercial transactions, as well as a measure of wealth.

Some says that “In the Scriptures, “God is the author of the gold standard, not man. He established the weights, the measurements and set the value of gold, He also created the monetary law in order to protect the poor and to keep the greed and manipulative power of Rulers under control’’.

It amazes me that by far the majority of all populations of all nations, throughout history, have believed the empty promises of their elected officials and leaders. The common man has always been fooled by those richer or better dressed than themselves. They have gone along with the superficial plans and laws, and used their rulers’ assessments to save. Gold has been used in the past as money because people did so, not because God ordered them to use gold.