Gold and the London Olympics


out of gold medals which all of the teams comes to London Olympics to win golden medals what i mean is another gold while i am wishing good luck for all teams in London Olympics.

But this is not gold I mean what I mean is Gold, who rebounded with the start of the London Olympics, comes to the minds of some of you what is the relationship gold Olympics London?, Gold is one of the most precious metals on the surface of the ground and recover the gold with a recovery in markets, and supports gold in determining calories is not only movements buy and sell gold in the sense that it is not provided that the sale of many decreases the price of gold or buying a lot goes up the price of gold, but this in most cases, but in Hlat other is determined by the price of gold purchase price Currency If we look to the dollar rescue is the most powerful microcontroller on the market World and in the prices of goods and of gold, the same case in Europe and with the start of the London Olympics revived the market, especially in London and picked up the euro and the pound sterling significantly as the impact on the performance of gold and make it cycle to recover so we can say that the London Olympics was the reason for the recovery of gold indirectly led to the form in which contrast the performance of gold and thanks to the London Olympics.