Gold and silver are down affected by the rise of U.S dollar

A look on Comex market

Metals prices fell beginning of trading American affected by high U.S. dollar with the end of the week, the economic and Mel investors close their positions by the end of the financial transactions weekly, investors tend not to take any risk with the Fed cut the outlook for growth in the United States of America.

Gold prices lost after the Fed governor Ben Bernankaa reduce the economic valuation of the United States, and added that the central bank will keep the benchmark interest rate at levels 0.0% -0.25% until late in the year 2014 in support of the U.S. economy.

Stabilized gold prices since the beginning of morning trading on 1.700 USD/Troy per ounce after the signing of the Treaty of Brussels to adjust the budget, a move designed to prevent the recurrence of debt crisis, which affected a number of euro zone countries, as declared by Britain and the Czech Republic refused to join the document.

Gold prices have fallen with reduced demand for the precious metal as a safe Noting that the finance ministers of the euro area last night that they liberate the amounts that may be obtained Greece worth 130 billion euros over the past week after the completion of the bond swap plan.

Gold prices fell by 0.60% registered trading levels of $ 1,708.58 currently levels of an ounce and recorded a high of $ 1,724.92 and a low of $ 1706.86 compared to opening price at $ 1,716.71.

Silver prices currently trading around the levels of $ 34.93 per ounce compared to opening price at $ 34.43 and recorded a low of $ 34.80 and a high of $ 35.44.